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Medical Breakthrough - Frozen 5 Cold Plunge - Bar Counter & Heavy Duty Step

Medical Breakthrough - Frozen 5 Cold Plunge - Bar Counter & Heavy Duty Step

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 US Patent Pending No: 29/870777 

 Frozen Energy Shock 

 Healthy & Safe 37° Freezing 

 FoamSeal Military-Grade Insulation 

 20 Ultra Micron Filter System 

 Military-Grade Exterior UV Protection 

 Indoor & Outdoor 

 No Plumbing Needed, Just Plug & Play 

 US Customer Service 

 581 Technicians all over the US & Canada

The Medical Benefits of Cold

Plunge Therapy Explained

Improve Circulation 

Frozen is an effective way to promote healthier circulation and overall well-being. When you take a dip in a cold plunge tub, your body is subjected to a rapid change in temperature that causes the blood vessels to constrict, pushing the blood towards the vital organs and increasing the heart rate.
This shock response floods the body with oxygen and nutrients, reviving and replenishing the organs with energy. The improved blood flow is then sustained throughout the day, contributing to a healthier circulatory system. With regular cold plunge sessions, you can expect to experience profound long-term benefits.

Reduce inflammation 

Cold plunges reduce inflammation in the body causing constricting the blood vessels. This reduces the flow of blood to any area that is experiencing pain or discomfort, like a sports injury, which helps to decrease swelling and inflammation. Frozen is a great way to naturally help your body heal and stay healthy!

Boost immune Function 

Taking a plunge into cold water can be an incredible boost to your health. It activates the white blood cells that are responsible for fighting off sickness, and it also causes the lymphatic system to contract—pushing fluids through the lymph nodes. This process helps detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system. Studies have shown that cold plunges can reduce upper respiratory tract infections significantly.

Specific Health Benefits of Cold Plunges

Reduce inflammation 

This effect is likely due to its natural pain-relieving properties. Cold plunging is a great way for athletes and fitness fanatics alike to give their bodies the relief they need after an intense workout session.

Increase Alertness and Energy 

A cold plunge bath can provide a quick pick-me-up and can help you be more energized, while regular use can deliver long-term effects. When you take a cold plunge bath, you’ll experience immediate increases in alertness and energy, improved mood, reduced inflammation and soreness.

Improve Skin and Hair Health 

Taking a cold plunge in a cold tub can provide numerous benefits for skin and hair health. Cold water helps to close your pores, protecting against dirt and bacteria from entering the skin, reducing inflammation and redness, and boosting circulation which leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

What are Cold Plunges Good For?

Post-Workout Recovery 

By taking a cold plunge tub within two hours of finishing your workout, you can experience a number of important benefits. When done correctly, cold plunges can help flush away lactic acid build-up, reduce inflammation, and promote better circulation throughout the body.

These effects can lead to quicker recovery times. Additionally, because cold plunges are known to stimulate endorphin production in your brain, they can also help to improve your mood after a challenging workout.

Stress Relief 

Cold plunging is a great way to reduce stress. By exposing yourself to the controlled shock of cold water on a regular basis, your body gradually gets used to it and develops a resilience towards it. This adaptation also extends to other sources of stress, as cold plunging helps reduce cortisol levels – the hormone that is released when you’re under stress. Repeated cold water plunging can help your body develop a stronger reaction to and better handle all kinds of stress.

Medical Benefits of Frozen Cold Plunge

From Dr. Aaron Cypess, a clinical researcher, to neuroscientist Andrew Huberman and orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Geier, the medical community is raving about the medical benefits of the cold plunge. Many recommend that their patients add it to their daily routine. Over 48 doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, pain specialists, physical therapy aides, and surgeons have contributed to the development of Frozen™. As a result, it stands as the world's first cold plunge designed to help medically enhance metabolism, improve blood flow, promote muscle healing, boost circulation, reduce inflammation and stress, and provide comprehensive pain relief, ultimately leading to improved sleep quality.

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