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True North Schooner Outdoor Sauna – Red Cedar, White Cedar, Pine Wood

True North Schooner Outdoor Sauna – Red Cedar, White Cedar, Pine Wood

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Relax in comfort with a True North Schooner Outdoor Sauna, constructed from top-quality Red Cedar, White Cedar, or Pine Wood. Perfect for your backyard getaway, these outdoor saunas prioritize comfort and relaxation. Upgrade your outdoor living with a quality sauna today.


Our Schooner Saunas give you a well-crafted experience for your home. Our Schooner Saunas are lovingly handmade in Ontario, Canada, giving you the best possible product from only the finest materials – red cedar, white cedar, and pine. Each Schooner Sauna has a flat base and an aesthetically pleasing design that ensures a luxurious experience that is sure to keep you relaxed and reinvigorated. With True North Saunas, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship that looks great and is reliable. You can count on true north saunas to be with you through every sweat session – consistently bringing you relief and comfort with each usage. Discover what other satisfied customers already know—True North Saunas are simply the best saunas on the market today.

Our Superior Schooner Saunas:

These outdoor saunas have been specially developed for outdoor use in nature. Our Schooner Saunas can withstand any weather, and you can choose from different lengths.

Our Saunas are based on the principle of the traditional Finnish sauna. It is natural for the body to cleanse itself by sweating. The heat and low humidity ensure general perspiration and deep skin cleansing.

To heat your Pod Sauna, you can choose from a variety of heaters, including the highly appreciated Finnish Harvia heaters.

Available Heater Types: You can choose a wood stove or an electric.

Available Wood Types: Red Cedar, White Cedar and Pine Wood.

Specifications Of Our Standard Schooners:

Height 79″ (200 cm)
Standard length is (included porch) 6′, 8′, 9′ & 10′ (183, 240, 270 and 300 cm)
Standard length porch 1′ (30 cm) or 2′ (60 cm)
2 benches premium design
The porch includes 2 premium design seats
Clothes hanger 3-peg
Walls are a minimum of 1.55′ thick.
Sauna Kit Also Includes:

3 peg clothes hanger
Vent kit and cover
Roof membrane
Roof boards
Screws for assembly
Flat floors
Door handles (2)
Glass doors
Health Benefits Of Schooner Saunas:

The chief health benefit of Schooner Saunas is its ability to nurture common people’s well-being through the use of high-grade, temperature-controlled chambers. Its layered construction parameters include a patented air ventilation system that separates it from traditional saunas, which increases the range of its heat therapies. This also helps to boost immune systems and circulation. With support from leading researchers in traditional Finnish sauna practices, Schooner Saunas eliminates the common steam shower approach in favour of something much more thorough and tailored to the user’s needs for relaxation and detoxification. As well as providing general-care spa experiences, medical experts have also endorsed this unique model for treatments such as anti-cellulite, Remedial Systematic Massage Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy Relaxation Rituals. The all-around health benefits associated with Schooner Saunas make them once-in-a-lifetime investments that common people can count on for truly remarkable results.

Note: While no saunas are 100% waterproof, certain measures can be taken to enhance their resistance to water. These steps include the application of two coats of semi-transparent deck stain, as well as applying silicone where the exterior walls intersect with the staves. These efforts can significantly improve your sauna’s ability to repel water.


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